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The 10 Best Gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook is a gift guide for aspiring little bakers and creative kid chefs. Kids who learn to cook also practice skills like reading, measuring, and following directions all while having fun in the process. These gift idea help encourage learning in the kitchen.

Not only is teaching kids to cook at an early age a great way to practice math skills, it can help instill healthy eating habits, too. Cooking is a wonderful way to spend time with your kiddos doing something you both enjoy.

This specially curated list of kid kitchen gear has plenty of fun gifts for every kid chef that includes real-size kitchen tools made especially for little-hands. Keep reading for my list of the 10 Best Gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook.

gift guide for kids who cook

10 Best Gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook

Here’s my list of the 10 best gifts for Kids Who Like to Cook. I’ve included a variety of gifts and price ranges in this guide so that there’s something for everyone.

Some of my favorite memories from raising our girls were made around our kitchen table. Of course we gathered at the kitchen table for our family meals, but we also gathered there to work on craft projects and to roll out and decorate cookies.

Every Christmas we’d spend hours laughing — while usually making a huge mess — as we made batches of Ginger Cookies and decorated sugar cookies. Those were such fun times that I can’t wait until our little granddaughter is big enough to help me make a mess — I’m worse than the kids! — in the kitchen, too!


This is week four of our gift guides and giveaways—be sure to read to the end to see what we’re giving away this week! Then, be sure to check back each Monday through November 25 for another gift guide and another giveaway!


Leave a comment on this post answering this question — What is your favorite Christmas cookie? — to be entered into a drawing to win a set of Sandwich Cookie Cutters for Kids. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be notified by email on the following Monday.

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  1. Oh my goodness, so many cute things that Trey would love! He enjoys “helping” in the kitchen, and having his own equipment will make him happy. Thanks for great gift ideas for him!

  2. My favorite Christmas Cookies are rum balls! I always made them with my grandmother growing up – Though I couldn’t eat them until I was older. Ha ha! Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

  3. My favorite are oatmeal scotchies. It isn’t so much the oatmeal as it is the scotchie. I bet I eat half a bag of butterscotch chips while we are making them!!

  4. My favorite Christmas cookie is the peanut butter ones with the Hershey’s kiss in the center of it. I always used to make those with my mom as a kid!

  5. I love to make “magic cookie bars” or better known as 7 layer cookies. They are so rich and delicious, but we usually savor them and wait until the holidays to enjoy them – it’s tradition!

  6. Traditional chocolate chip cookies my daughter and I love making cookies together. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Awesome giveaway!

  7. It is really hard to just pick one. I’d have to say my cinnamon iced sugar cookies…they taste like red hot sugar cookies…they are so yummy.

  8. My favorite holiday cookies are cream cheese thumbprint cookies with marionberry jam. I may have gained a few more pounds than I wanted last year, thanks to those addictive little cookies from.. heaven? Hmmm lol

  9. I don’t know if you would consider it a Christmas cookie, but my favorite all-time cookie is the snickerdoodle.

  10. My favorite Christmas cookies are chocolate chip of course! But my dad makes chocolate crinkles and they are amazing, taste like chocolate cake in cookie form.

  11. I don’t know what they are called, but my mom makes these delicious cookies with Rice Krispie cereal and dates.

  12. Snicker doodles has always been a favorite. I even thought it was my grandmas special cookie..untill i saw snickerdoodle cookie dough at the store and in other homes and realized its a well known cookie lol

  13. My little girl loves making sugar cookies and then decorating them with all the icing and sugary sorinkles anyone can or cannot handle.

  14. My granddaughter would love these cookie cutters, she loves to cook. We like all cookies, but we make a lot of the sugar cookies for Christmas. Thanks!

  15. My favorite Christmas cookie is my Mom’s peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses! I know you can make those anytime, but she used to make them with the kisses only at Christmas. So they’re Christmas cookies to me!

  16. My favorite Christmas cookie is sugar/ chocolate chip cookies or homemade peanut butter balls! My kids would love and enjoy this! Thanks

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