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Southwest Chicken Cornbread Salad

If you saw my recipe for Mexican Cornbread Muffins earlier this week, you may remember that I mentioned that I like to freeze some of them when I bake up a batch (the recipe makes two dozen). Having them on hand makes putting together a big bowl of Southwest Chicken Cornbread Salad much easier and quicker! Of course, you can substitute …

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Italian Nachos

Here’s a fun appetizer for your next party that gets everyone involved, build-your-own Italian Nachos! Prepare the pasta chips (deep fried won-ton wrappers) ahead of time, then set up a bar of Italian-inspired toppings like Italian sausage, grilled chicken, black olives, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil and tomatoes, to layer over a bed of chips and Alfredo sauce. Pop the …

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