It may take all day to prepare this dish, but the flavor and texture of the meat is well worth the wait! Smoked brisket is easy to make with a dry spice rub and plenty of time. Start it early in the morning or the night before for best results.

Smoked Paprika | Kosher Salt Chili Powder | Black Pepper White Pepper | Accent Seasoning Granulated Onion Granulated Garlic Dark Brown Sugar Whole Beef Brisket Canola Oil or Yellow Mustard


Decide how you want to smoke the brisket - whole or in pieces.  Rinse under cool water. Pat dry.  Trim the fat cap to ¼-inch thickness, as well as the vein that runs between the flat and the point.


Coat brisket on all sides with oil or yellow mustard.  Stir together spices and brown sugar until combined. Liberally apply the rub to all surfaces of the brisket.  Let the brisket rest and marinate with the rub for up to an hour until it reaches room temperature. 

Preheat smoker to 225°. Add wood chips to the hopper and pour apple sauce into the pan in the bottom of the smoker.  Cook for 8-10 hours. Remove brisket, wrap in towels, and place in a camping cooler for 2-4 hours. 

Be patient. You've waited this long for the incredible experience, don't spoil it now. Watch a football game or take a walk. Just don't open the brisket too soon .

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