Smoky BBQ Grilled Chicken Kabobs

no marinade needed

Chicken Kabobs on the Grill

Skip the marinade and grill these tender chunks of chicken with cherry tomatoes, red onion, and bell peppers in literally minutes!

Brown Sugar

Garlic & Chili Powder


Cumin & Oregano

Bell Peppers


John Doe

Follow my Easy Steps and Get to the Grill for Chicken Kabobs.

Smoky BBQ Rub

Begin this easy recipe by mixing the rub ingredients in a small bowl, then set it aside for later. Then preheat the grill and cut the chicken into 1-inch chunks.

Assemble the Kabobs

Cut the red onion, and slice the bell pepper into chunks. Then thread the ingredients on the skewers.

Season & Grill

Evenly sprinkle on the BBQ rub, flip and repeat. Then you are off to the grill!

Grilling Chicken Kabobs with BBQ Rub

Be sure to oil the grill and turn the kabobs often, as the sugar may burn easily.

Brush Stroke

Serve hot off the grill!

Make life a little easier with this delicious kabob recipe.

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