30 Delicious Dishes to Eat with Potato Salad

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Wondering What to Eat with Potato Salad — more than just burgers? Join me on a journey to find the perfect match for your summertime BBQ parties and more, with homemade potato salad as the star!

Prepare for a feast of flavors that will elevate your potato salad game with the FIVE best potato salad recipes, each boasting its unique twist and flavor profile.

But that’s not all — we’ve also collected mouthwatering meat dishes and classic side dish recipes that perfectly complement the creamy goodness of a side of potato salad and make for a great meal!

5 Best Potato Salad Recipes

Any summer gathering begs for a hearty plate of potato salad. That is why I have decided to upgrade your traditional potato salad recipe with this 5 Best Potato Salad Recipes selection!

This isn’t your ordinary side dish — from zesty and tangy twists to creamy variations, these recipes guarantee a whole new level of potato salad bliss.

1. Creamy Fresh Herb Potato Salad with Tarragon

a bowl of fresh herb potato salad with paprika sprinkled on top on a table with a linen napkin and parsley sprinkled around.

The tangy flavor of this classic creamy potato salad is made with fresh herbs and minced garlic in the mayonnaise and sour cream-based dressing. Read more…

2. Roasted Red Potato Salad

red potato salad on a green plate with a yellow napkin and serving spoon, Italian parsley to the side.

This Roasted Red Potato Salad combines roasted spuds with crispy bacon, green onions, and hard-boiled eggs for a creamy potato salad side in just 30 minutes! Read more…

3. Sweet Potato Salad

a platter of sweet potato salad garnished with fresh parsley sitting on a table with a linen napkin.

This delicious recipe is not your classic potato salad but is both sweet and spicy. My Sweet Potato Salad gets spice from diced fresh jalapeño and sweetness from a simple maple syrup vinaigrette! Read more…

4. Lemon Dill Potato Salad

lemon dill potato salad with asparagus in a white bowl on a table.

No Mayo Lemon Dill Potato Salad with Asparagus is refreshingly well-seasoned with fresh dill tossed in an olive oil and mustard-based dressing that is simply fantastic! Read more…

5. Hot German Potato Salad

German potato salad

A great side dish to add to any meal is this authentic German Potato Salad served hot! Rich flavors from the bacon, onions, and vinegar meld delightfully with the creaminess of Yukon Gold potatoes. Read more…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Potato Salad

How long should you cook potatoes for potato salad?

That all depends on the size you cut your potatoes into. For instance, large cubes may need up to 15 minutes. Baby potatoes take 10 minutes. Whole potatoes boil for 20 minutes. No matter the size, if they are fork-tender, they are ready!

How long does potato salad last?

Potato salad stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight container lasts up to 5 days.

Can you freeze potato salad?

Yes, you sure can. Potato salad is best stored in a plastic bag with the air pushed out. Then, if the mayo separates when thawing, add a bit more or warm the salad a bit and give it a good stir.

What are the best potatoes for potato salad?

The best potatoes for the salad often depend on the type you are making. Waxy potatoes like red, fingerling, and new potatoes are perfect for sliced potatoes in potato salad and do not easily fall apart. 

On the other hand, American versions of the side dish use starchy potatoes like Russet and Idaho. However, don’t overcook them, or they turn to mush!

15 Meat Dishes that go with Potato Salad

Along this spuds journey, I have found a scrumptious selection of 15 meat dishes that go flawlessly with the popular side dish.

From the main course, recipes like barbecue ribs and pulled pork to tender chicken and mouthwatering pork chops, prepare to satisfy your meat lover’s cravings. 

1. Blueberry Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

Blueberry Blue Cheese Bacon Burger on a white plate

Blueberry Blue Cheese Bacon Burger? That’s right, BLUEBERRIES on grilled hamburgers. It’s a surprising and fantastic ground beef burger mashup that is perfect for picnics and barbecues all Summer! Read more…

2. Hawaiian Burger

an open face hawaiian burger with provolone cheese, grilled pineapple, and red onion and drizzled with sauce on a plate.

Let the delicious, savory, sweet taste of this juicy Hawaiian Burger with grilled pineapple transport you straight to the sights and sounds of the Hawaiian islands. Then, add a flavorful side dish of potato salad, and you have a vacation on a plate. Read more…

3. Smoked Brisket

sllces of smoked brisket with BBQ sauce

Well worth the wait, tender, juicy Smoked Brisket is one of the best potato salad pairs that will impress. It is succulent meat covered in a spiced bark with just a hint of apple-smoked flavor, and it’s just what your summer cookout needs! Read more…

4. Barbecue Ribs

two racks of smoked baby back ribs in an aluminum pan.

Get smoked ribs that are delicious, juicy, and fall-off-the-bone tender in an electric smokerYou betcha! Scoop a helping of simple potato salad on the side of your plate and make the BEST Electric Smoker Ribs in your backyard. Read more…

5. BBQ Pulled Pork

a smoked pork butt partially pulled with meat claws on a baking sheet.

For the absolute best Smoked Boston Butt (BBQ pulled pork) you’ve ever tasted, fire up your electric smoker, slather that beauty with my savory homemade dry rub, and let it cook low and slow until it is melt-in-your-mouth tender. Read more…

6. Fried Catfish

fried catfish on a plate with lemon wedges

Enjoy fried fish fillets at home with this recipe for restaurant-quality fried fish made in a cast iron skillet. The delicious homemade tangy tartar sauce pairs wonderfully with a tangy potato salad. Read more…

7. Juicy Air Fryer Pork Chops

two pork chops on a white plate with a meat fork and garnished with fresh parsley on a table.

Never eat dry pork again! Made quickly in the air fryer, these juicy pork chops are crispy on the outside with a smoky flavor that works well with your favorite classic potato salad dish. Read more…

8. Copycat KFC Fried Chicken

KFC Fried Chicken

Make this copycat Fried Chicken recipe with that iconic crunchy skin you love right at home! With 11 spices and that KFC vibe, you’ll love knowing what is going into these slightly healthier fried chicken pieces. Read more…

9. Classic Baked Ham

slices of baked ham on a platter garnished with orange slices on a table.

This baked ham recipe with an orange mustard glaze is sweet, tangy, and easy to make with just three simple ingredients. A salty ham steak is the perfect main dish for your summer potluck, especially with potato salad. Read more…

10. Cast-Iron Tilapia

cast iron tilapia

Cast Iron Tilapia is a quick and healthy weeknight delight. Seasoned with a savory blackened blend, the fillets sizzle to perfection and pair well with an array of delectable side dishes, including your favorite potato salad. Read more…

11. Grilled Balsamic Chicken Breasts

sliced grilled balsamic chicken on a plate garnished with fresh rosemary.

Glazed with homemade thick and tangy balsamic vinegar barbecue sauce, this tender grilled chicken recipe is a tasty way to spend time outdoors. Scoop up the potato salad and enjoy! Read more…

12. Pan-Seared Sea Bass

pan-seared sea bass

Pan Seared Sea Bass is a wholesome seafood dinner featuring succulent Chilean sea bass and a luscious lemon butter sauce. Whether you’re hosting a memorable gathering or enjoying an intimate dinner for two, this restaurant-quality pan-seared fish promises to impress. Read more…

13. New York Hot Dogs

NY Street Dogs in a basket with relish

Hot dogs and potato salad? Of course! Grilled all-beef hot dogs dressed in stone-ground mustard are smothered in a tangy tomato onion sauce and topped with a roasted red pepper relish. I say add Hot German Potato Salad to this lunch or dinner recipe. Read more…

14. Corned Beef Reuben

top down view of a corned beef reuben with coleslaw sandwich cut in half and stacked on a plate.

Layer your Corned Beef Reuben on toasted sourdough with spicy brown mustard, Pepper Jack cheese, tangy coleslaw, green onions, and Thousand Island dressing. Just add the potato salad of your choosing, and you have a fine German meal! Read more…

15. Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joe Sandwich on a white plate with french fries and topped with cheddar cheese and dill pickles

Ready in just 30 minutes, serve potato salad with your Sloppy Joes ladled on top of sesame seed hamburger buns and topped with shredded cheddar cheese and dill pickles for a nostalgic homemade dinner. Read more…

15 Best Side Dishes to Eat with Potato Salad

In this section, feast your eyes on 15 sensational side dishes that perfectly complement any variety of potato salad. Whether you’re planning a family picnic, a backyard BBQ, or a casual weeknight dinner, these side dishes are guaranteed to add a burst of flavor and excitement to every plate. 

1. Instant Pot Green Beans

a bowl of green beans with a serving spoon sitting on a blue napkin on a wooden table.

Fresh green beans and bacon meet up in your Instant Pot to make this traditional, farm-style favorite quick and delicious. That way, you can use the stove and grill for the rest of the meal! Read more…

2. Easy Baked Beans with Bacon

Easy Baked Beans with strips of bacon in a white baking dish

Seasoned with bacon and onions, these baked beans are my go-to side dish with creamy potato salad and any protein like grilled burgers, barbecued chicken, or pulled pork. Read more…

3. Fried Green Tomatoes

sliced of fried green tomatoes on a plate garnished with raw green tomato slices.

Not only in the movies, but this southern treat is fried golden brown and paired with a Creole Mustard Dipping Sauce that plays well with any potato salad and grilled meat. Read more…

4. Summer Tortellini Pasta Salad

summer pasta salad in a bowl

Full of juicy tomatoes, crunchy zucchini, and golden sweet corn, this cold tortellini pasta salad is perfect for summer grilling nights. Make pasta and potato salad ahead and serve when the meat is perfectly grilled and piping hot. Read more…

5. Broccoli Salad with Bacon

broccoli salad with bacon

A favorite at potlucks and family picnics, this Broccoli Salad recipe is chock full of crispy bacon, sweet golden raisins, and toasted pecans. It is another great option to keep cold in the fridge or cooler until ready to devour. Read more…

6. Crunchy Oven Fried Okra

oven fried okra in a white serving bowl

Make this delicious and crunchy Oven-Fried Okra just once, and you may never go back to cooking fried okra on the stove! My “fried” okra recipe uses a fraction of the oil used when pan-frying, an added health benefit! Read more…

7. Grilled Parmesan Corn on the Cob

an ear of corn grilled in foil on a plate.

Slather fresh ears of corn on the cob with my simple Parmesan herb butter, wrap them in foil, and toss them on a hot grill. Twenty minutes later, you’ll enjoy some of Summer’s best flavors alongside your favorite potato salad. Read more…

8. Fried Cabbage with Bacon

fried cabbage

Fried Bacon with Cabbage is another side dish that pairs well with potato salad. What I love about this recipe is that the cabbage is quick-fried and stays tender and green. Read more…

9. Corn Succotash with Bacon

corn succotash garnished with a mound of basil chiffonade in a blue bowl on top of a white plate.

Corn succotash combines all the goodness of Summer — sweet corn, lima beans, and cherry tomatoes — into one colorful dish that’s equally tasty, served hot or at room temperature, and, of course, with your choice of potato salad. Read more…

10. Bow-Tie Pasta Salad

bow tie pasta salad

This Italian-inspired bow-tie pasta salad is brimming with cherry tomatoes, olives, bell peppers, red onions, salami, parmesan cheese, and fresh basil. All these scrumptious ingredients blend together in a tangy and homemade Italian vinaigrette. Read more…

11. Tangy No Mayo Coleslaw

no mayo coleslaw in a bowl on a table with a napkin and slotted spoon.

No-mayo coleslaw comes together in just minutes for an easy BBQ accompaniment to potato salad. Enjoy a refreshing combination of crunchy veggies and tangy dressing! Read more…

12. Cucumber Tomato Salad

cumber tomato feta salad

Add some color to the plate with this recipe. Simple ingredients like marinated veggies, fresh herbs, and tangy cheese come together to create a truly amazing flavor in this Cucumber Tomato Feta Salad. Read more…

13. Hush Puppies

fried hush puppies in a paper lined basket with old bay sauce.

These golden-brown hush puppies are crispy on the outside and moist, buttery inside. Made with buttermilk, this recipe has sweet Vidalia onion and fresh summer corn, plus a little chopped green onion and diced jalapeño for extra flavor! Read more…

14. Fruit Salad

tropical fruit salad in a bowl.

What could be more refreshing than savory potato salad with a sweet fruit salad? Not to mention, this tropical fruit salad features a honey lime dressing that makes the flavors really pop! Read more…

15. Mexican Fruit Salad

mexican fruit salad

This Mexican fruit salad recipe is refreshing and bursting with juicy and sweet fruits paired with citrus, strawberries, and grapes in a light honey-lime Tajin dressing. And they make the most adorable little servings when scooped into orange rinds! Read more…

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